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Cosmos C700M (Big Tower)
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Cool Master MasterCase Cosmos C700M: Cooling par excellence. The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Big Tower offers numerous options for cooling the installed hardware. Both the lid and the front can be fitted with 360 mm or 420 mm radiators . In the lid, however, there are limitations here, because for a 420 mm radiator, the optical drive in the front must be removed. Should the modular mainboard tray be turned 90 degrees to use the chimney principle, the size of the radiator will also be restricted. If you want to cool by air, you can use three 120/140 mm fans in the front and cover while the back picks up a 120/140 fan. An optional bracket also allows two 120/140 mm fans or a 240 mm radiator to be installed in the floor. Pre-installed at the factory are three 140mm PWM fans in the front and one in the back of the case. The fans can be regulated via a fan control (total 6x 4-pin PWM header) in the I / O panel. Of course , the Cosmos C700M Big Tower also offers a lot of space for the hardw

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