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VM8-8 Sngl Conecn Modl Cat7 Blk Mtg Rail
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Zubehörtyp = Steckverbindermodul LAN Kategorie = Kat.7 Abschirmtyp = STP, UTP Anzahl der Ports = 1 VM 8-8 Cat.7 with Mounting Rail Adaptor. Connection via LSA Plus terminals on a common PCB Connection of 4-pair shielded/unshielded installation cables from AWG 24-22 Pairs can be brought directly up to the terminal without untwisting the pairs Secure shielded contact using screw-on terminals directly on the PCB Variable cable feeds Cable strain relief using commercially available cable ties Tool-free installation of shielding cover made of stainless steel (19" and on-wall mounted version) Surface mount (AP) type: incoming and outgoing cables in the same direction Surface mount, 19", and basic (for loose connection) version: incoming and outgoing cables offset by 180° Ground connection option directly on the PCB (M4 screw).

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