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MPP24-HS K Patch Panel Shield Cat6A Grey
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LAN Kategorie = Kat.6a Anzahl der Ports = 24 Interfacetyp = RJ45 Abschirmtyp = STP Rack Höhe = 1U Höhe = 110mm Breite = 482.6mm Tiefe = 44mm Farbe = Grau 19" Patch Panel MPP24-HS K Cat 6a. 19" rack mount unit 1 HU with 24 RJ45 jacks assembled on one common PCB No special tooling required for mounting of cover (shielded type) Printed circuit board is mounted horizontally Grounding using the enclosed earth connection cable (shielded types) 360° shielding can be connected directly on the PCB on a large contact spot using screw clamps, without need of twisting the shielding braid (shielded type) Risk of short-circuit between screening braid and data leads is minimized due to sufficient space between data terminals and screening contact Limit of 13 mm max. of untwisted length of data leads can be easily achieved without restricting an easy installation Enclosed cable ties for strain relief of the cables without need of screws and special tools Modular jacks are numbered on the front panel.

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